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Leave the hectic world behind and enter a haven where relaxation is encouraged and the pain, stress, and tension of everyday life is forgotten. All our licensed practitioners have a sincere commitment to provide the highest quality of care to benefit our patients' health and well-being. 

Licensed Professionals since 1999

Where ever you go for your Massage or Skin Care service please make sure your treatment is given by a Licensed Professional 

Wellness Massage    

Massage Therapy: Clinical Massages: Swedish, Oriental (Amma, Shiatsu ), Medical, Scare Tissue Release, Sports, Pregnancy, Infant, Lymphatic Drainage. Spa Massages: Aromatherapy,  Thai, Hot Stone, The Massage Flame, Herbal Heat (poultice), Chair Massage (on or off premises).

Facials: Signature , Sensitized, Enzyme, Acne, Anti Aging, Four Layer Hydrating, Teen, Men's Signature, Eye Treatments and more.

Advanced Skin Care  Microdermabrasion, Peels, Glycolics, Facial Sculpting, Rejuvapen (micro-needling) and more.

Detoxing and Inch Loss: Ion Foot Bath, Body Wraps, Cavi-Lipo Body Sculpting, Lypo Massage & more

Body Treatments: Paraffin Treatments, Back (Facial) Treatment, Body Buff , Foot Treatments, Waxing.

Acupuncture: For Pain Reduction, Weight Loss, to Stop Smoking and much more.

We specialize in working with patients of various needs or illnesses:

Musculoskeletal conditions, autoimmune diseases, patients undergoing cancer treatments, Headaches ( migraine, sinus, tension), Lymphedema, Scar Tissue Release, Post Plastic Surgical work, Anti Aging Skin Care, Breast Massage for reconstruction & augmentation & more 

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Our Story

Massage for Wellness opened its doors in the summer of 1999.   But our Story begins a few years prior with a frustrated mother of two very young daughters who were forever getting sick with upper respiratory infections, debilitating migraine headaches, earaches and reoccurring colds.  Traditional medicine, as good and important as some of it was, never seemed to be enough and in fact caused more problems with its side effects.  The search for answers opened up a whole new world of possibilities and not only produced two healthy grown women today, but also showed way to a new professional path for a very appreciative mom.  The thought of helping others and sharing this newly found knowledge launched the conception of Massage for Wellness Therapeutic Center.

We were amongst the first in our industry to offer alternative therapies to those who sought more non-evasive ways of reliving pain, stress and tension from their everyday lives.  Our practitioners are all like-minded in that they practice what they preach, the patient comes first not the sale, all are licensed by the State of New York and we truly care and give 110%. The approach we use is a combination of  the many different modalities and techniques we have learned over the years. Extensive notes are kept on patients ensuring that the same care is given from one treatment or therapist to another.  Although hands on work is the biggest part of our process, we feel that researching problem conditions, asking additional questions,  educating our patients, and  suggesting lifestyle changes plays a major role in the healing process.  

Throughout the years Massage for Wellness has maintained its good reputation in the industry as we continually strive for excellence!  

  • Owned and operated by a licensed Industry professional. We are NOT a franchise owned by a non professional. Patients come first NOT the sale!
  • All our patients are treated by licensed professionals who are well versed in either the massage or skin care industry.
  • Each treatment is given in one of our uniquely decorated rooms which are designed for total relaxation using artistic design, low lighting and tranquil music.
  • The products used for our facials and body treatments are naturally designed formulas that allow us to keep a wholistic approach to our treatments.
  • Massage for Wellness has been in practice Since 1999. We are home to over 30 licensed practitioners.
  • Our rates are competitive and we have many money saving  series, packages & offers.
  • We have found a true balance between therapeutic and relaxation



We Accept

  • All Major credit cards
  •  Spa Finder Gift Cards for all our regularly rated services

Licensed Massage Therapy Vs Not Licensed

You may see spa's, Foot Spas or nail salons popping up everywhere offering massage, reflexology, back rubs, chair massage etc., at really low rates. You should ask yourself why.

Did you know it is illegal to practice massage without a license in the state of New York?

Buyer Beware!

Licensed Massage Therapists Requirements:                                                          

1,100 hours of comprehensive educational training includes:

Anatomy & Physiology: Study of structures of the body
Kinesiology: Study of mechanics of movement
Myology: Study of muscles
Neurology: Study of the nervous system
Pathology: Study of  disease
Medical Ethics: ethical standards and responsibility
Bodywork Classes: various modalities such as Swedish, Asian, Medical etc...
In addition to the above curriculum students must experience internships in a clinical environment.
Most have graduated with an Associate of Occupational Studies degree or Bachelor of Professional Studies degree and are able to sit for the New York State Board as well as the National Boards.

Non Licensed massage: 

None of the above
Now ask yourself "Am I worth it?"

Most people do not realize that the state of New York has regulated this industry. If you are injured by a non licensed person you most likely will not have any recourse 

Please be careful with your body and your health because you deserve it! 

Ask to see Massage Therapy Licenses wherever you go. Beware that some of these establishments are showing Nail Technician licenses or a licenses that belongs to someone else.

If you or someone you know has been injured or would like to report an illegal massage, call the Office of Professional Discipline at 631 958-7422 or go on line to

Massage for Wellness

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Massage for Wellness
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If a certificate can not be used within this time period please contact us before the expiration date and we will gladly reissue you a new one. A fee may apply. 


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