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Your Safety is our Priority

As a Therapeutic Spa in business for 21 years, we have always been dedicated to providing the highest quality care and therapies in the safest way possible!

We have all taken the necessary classes and are following steps to ensure everyone’s safety as we follow a strict sanitizing protocol!


The following is just some of the steps we have taken to keep everyone safe:
  • We now have totally online forms so nothing has to be filled out at the spa.
  • All clients must fill out a COVID questionnaire.
  • Every client has access to our Online Booking System where they can also purchase and pay for treatments if they wish to.
  • No waiting area (clients are called in when the practitioner is ready for them).
  • A hand sanitation station is set up at the door for all of our clients to use before entering.
  • There is a much longer gap in between clients, at which time the rooms and everything in them are thoroughly sanitized.
  • To prevent contamination of extra linens (sheets, towels, blankets), we keep only what we use for one treatment at a time in the rooms. All used linens are sent to the laundry.
  • All bolsters and pillows have a plastic or vinyl covering, which are sanitized after every use. 
  • After we doubly sanitize the Face Rests, we use a pillowcase that totally covers every inch of the device. 
  • Hepa air purifiers are now in every treatment room.
  • All of our staff wears face masks. Our clients are also asked to wear masks while in common areas as well as in treatment rooms while face up (facial clients may remove masks but our Estheticians wear masks and shields).
  • Our staff is regularly tested as well as gets their temperature checked.
  • Sanitation Logs are kept on every treatment room door and are checked at every treatment.
Please note that while we are currently offering all of our services here at the spa,  in order to adhere to our very strict and very safe protocols, we have temporarily suspended all "In Home" and "Corporate" services.